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GSM fixed wireless terminal is a system of a kind of adoption GSM technique, and can make use of the GSM network, Economicly provide to fix the wireless correspondence business.

Because of the adoption of the GSM mold's high performance Import, it adapt long-time usage. Own exhaling call, coming call and number show, IP set... Familiar telephone function, and offering the anti live signal, can connect to the fee count device, can be used as public use telephone and group appropriation's long line use

Function characteristics:
GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz.
Own time count device, fee count device, and checking function.
Signal strength manifestation, work appearance manifestation.
Coming call manifestation function(Support DTMF Coming call manifestation telephone).
The common telephone operation habit.
Full-automatic IP Road control function
Can refuse the coming call's functions, full-automatic fee count function.

The widely use telephone
The ambulation carries
Secluded region
Hard to arrange line region
GSM Network management company, supplier, business agent.

1) The pronunciation converses
2) Incoming telegram showing function
3) Offer it against the charging signal of polarity
4) The local net area code is set up
5) IP head presetting
6) Machine card lock
7) International, domestic, local call are allowed
8) Prohibiting dialing and setting up function
9) Network management function (available)
10) The working state is pointed out
11) Arrange, decode and test functions
12) Encrypt and set up, such as encrypt PIN yard, PUK yard in pair of audio frequency
13) Call taking device
14) Along with separate routes, can discern local call, long-distance call automatically
15) Can answer telephone
16) Wide voltage and run, low power dissipation
17) Intelligently dials fast
18) The private plane of ordinary telephone is used to operating
19) The big display screen of the Chinese liquid crystal shows intensity of signal,
conversation time, and telephone expenses
20) Incoming telegram
21) Manual charging function available to set up the telephone expenses, and totally
save the charging device to take by oneself
22) Charge, insert, converse, trinity function

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